Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy January!

What a joy to be writing this post to all of you out there in this new, wonderful year of 2010! Stuart and I had a wonderful trip home to see family and friends, and we hope you all did as well!

A few short thoughts from me and I'm off to enjoy the evening and the movie Up with Stuart (which I've heard is actually pretty fantastic)!

1. I'm in grad school mode right now. This is a very busy week I have ahead of me, filled with test taking, book reading for early assignments, and several tasks to complete at LU, such as getting an office badge made and visiting Human Resources. It is my last week of freedom, so I'm trying to enjoy it as well as get everything on my list done!

2. Stuart's 27th birthday is this Friday! So this week is all about keeping birthday surprises from the birthday boy. I would tell you what I'm getting him, but he might be reading this.....

3. As we speak, Stuart is hanging some shelves my brother and sister-in-law so generously gave to us up in our kitchen. We also bought some other furniture for the kitchen while we were at home as well as a few accessories. I am so excited about this! Everything is coming along so nicely and it feels great to have at least one room that seems to be almost done! I really adore interior design and I enjoy scrounging around antique and home stores looking for that little item that says, "Staley!" on it.

4. Time for a few blog changes! I'm not sure if I'm going to change my blog background (although I've been thinking about it), but I am changing up a few other things. Obviously, I'm not doing the "100 books" challenge anymore (see #5 for more info), so that'll be coming down, but I probably will keep up something to do with my reading. This year will obviously be filled with more academic readings, but I am hoping to fit in some biographies as well. And since it is a new year, I thought I would replace The Importance of Being Earnest quotes with a new book! I haven't decided what yet. All in all, just be on the lookout for some switch-ups. Got to keep life interesting you know!

5. Soooo, I didn't make it to 100 books in 2009, but I did make it to 54! Over half way! I was extremely happy with this, as the reason I gave myself the exhorbitant goal of 100 books was so I would push myself to read more. I was looking back over my list for the year and thinking, "Wow! I read so many great stories and authors last year!" I am also super proud of Stuart, who read 9 books this year! He said that I inspired him with my passion for books (awww) and that he was also concerned about his brain "rotting away" after his college graduation. After I told him about some of the benefits of reading, and some of the sad statistics about adult readers, he was hooked! We are both committed to reading and studying our whole lives, and handing down this wonderful gift to our children too. I strongly urge all of you to read! Even if it is only 1 book a year, set a goal for yourself and start! It will reward you your whole life through....

So, that is about it for now around Neverland! Hope you all are having a great 2010 so far!



  1. Love your update, Haley! I'm sure you are going to be crazy busy soon, but try to keep us updated once in a while, ok? Have to get my dose of "Staley" every now and then!

    Glad you guys like the shelves. Post pics sometime!

    I agree with you about books. Even with a busy life filled with little ones I always try to squeeze in a few books whenever I can. It isn't much, maybe a handful a year, but I love reading, too!

    Love you guys! Have a fun birthday with my twin!

  2. Dear Haley,

    So, what DID you get Stuart for his birthday??

    How is grad school treating you?

    Can we have pictures of your lovely house? At least the kitchen???

    Crystal showed us UP... Wow, so good!!!

  3. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!


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