Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Called The Happy Dance For A Reason

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is indeed a sweet night. After many weeks of filling out applications and forms concerning various aspects of my life, writing a paper on why I want to be part of the Master's program at Liberty, taking tests (not to mention paying for said tests), begging teachers for recommendation letters (okay, not really begging...but still), checking on my transcripts, and waking up with vocabulary flash cards stuck to my cheek...

It is finished. The deed. The beast has been slain and I'm left holding the sword.

That's right. I am done applying to grad school!

Forget that this was the easy part and I have at least two years of grueling writing, research, late nights, and other unspeakable evils in front of me. I'm done until January!

I'm going to kick back, relax with Stuart, and pop Duck Soup into the DVD player because...

I have nothing else to do.

At this rate, I don't even care if I get in.


Free For Now,


  1. Congratulations Haley!! I hope you get excepted so that you can have two years of misery! ;) kidding. I might get a Bachelor's degree in May if I don't do myself bodily harm first!! Love ya sis!

  2. Dana! I admire you all the more for getting your degree while you've got two kiddies and one on the way, a husband, a household to keep up, and a job, and you've had to adjust while living in a foreign country. I'm related to Wonder Woman...Love you too!

  3. Wow. That is terrific! Congratulations Haley and I hope you get in! We loved your home and the visit with you guys yesterday. It was all complete fun!

    Love you!


  4. Yay for you! One step at time.
    I'm loving your blog. It is so pretty.

  5. Mrs. Abele,

    So good to see you on here! I am excited about reading your blogs as well! Have a great day!


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