Sunday, September 13, 2009

For Me?


Thanks to everyone who helped make my 22nd birthday a great one! Not a day went by during my birthday week that I wasn't surprised by some pleasant phone call, facebook remark, or a fun package in the mail!

As most of you know, my parents and brother came up for my birthday weekend! Stuart and I gave them the grand tour of Neverland, cooked them a scrumptious supper, and settled in for a fun evening of talking. The next day was the perfect day to turn a year older! The weather was beautiful as we all piled into the 4runner to head to Cracker Barrel for breakfast! Then we strolled downtown Lynchburg for a bit, looking in antique shops and browsing the farmer's market, hiked Sharp Top (that is pretty much a given now with whoever comes to visit us!), and went out to eat at Abuelo's in Roanoke. On Sunday my family went to church with us and then Dad wanted to take Stuart and I out to Olive Garden for one last meal together! The whole weekend was a lot of fun, especially because I hadn't seen my parents in awhile!

Monday, Stuart had the day off of work for Labor Day, and we have been planning for weeks to make it our private celebration of my birthday. Stuart's pretty big on stuff like that, and of course I don't argue! I woke up to the great smell of pancakes, bacon, and soothing hot tea! That sweet man had sneaked out of bed to make me a birthday breakfast! And...he made me supper too! He set up a table out on the deck and grilled out steaks, baked potatoes, and made us salad as well! Then I opened the presents he had for me! It was so great! There were candles and everything. Such a great evening together!

I know I've already sent everyone thank you notes, but I just wanted say:

Dad and Mom - Thank you for the great weekend, the birthday meal, and the gorgeous antique trays! I couldn't have picked a better gift!

Harry-Sun - Love the Christie title you gave me and I cannot wait to read it! You're the best brother in the entire world!

Andy and Melissa - I have so enjoyed The Valley of Vision thus far! Thanks! Oh, and also I loved the e-card too. Bwahaha!

Liz Holbert! Your e-card just totally made my day! It was such a surprise to open up my inbox and see it there! Thank you my dear friend!

Seth and Karen - I love the Sephora gift card! There are always so many things there I want to get, but always stop myself because I don't "need" it. Now I can pamper myself a little! Happy face!

Jonathan and Denise - Love the makeup and writing pad! I remember our "sparkles" conversation we had last year sometime. I'm sure these sparkles will be perfect and not too gooky or sticky or just...weird like the other ones I've tried were.

Dad and Mom Graydon - Getting your package in the mail was such a surprise! I loved both books you sent me! I cannot wait to read the Elizabeth Prentiss title, and am eager to use some of the tips in the decorating one! Thank you!

Mary- Even though I know "technically" your gift was both to Stuart and me and was also a late wedding present, it hit right around my birthday, and so it kind of makes me think of it as one! We love that wonderful picture frame. I look at it all the time!

and know! : 0

Here are a few pictures we took over the birthday weekend....

My fab parents!

Stuart catching my reaction to a gift from my parents.

Stuart and Harry enjoying some birthday dessert!

On the Sharp Top trail! Pretty tired at this point as you can tell.....

Forgive me, but I don't have any pictures of Stuart's special dinner for me as of right now! Perhaps at a later time!

Happy birthday to me....


  1. Aren't birthdays fun?!? Except, my Elyana was sick this last birthday, and Jonathan was deployed... BUT...
    I had my wonderful family spend it with me, Suzanne went all out making me things ALL DAY, and then on Sunday we had a good party with really special presents...
    The Sephora gift card is always such a fun thing to get!!! Remember, if you order online, and spend $50 it's free shipping, 3 free sample size products, and then use a Promo Code and you'll get MORE free stuff (like lip gloss, fragrances, bags full of goodies, you name it - last time I got a bag of 14 samples of men's fragrance for Jonathan - he loved that!).

    I'm glad your bday was so fun!

  2. Wow, that is really good to know! I'll have to talk to Stuart and see if I can order a little more so we can get some samples! I've never made an online order from Sephora at all. Yeah, I remember being there for your b-day this past time and you had been kind of sad because everyone was so busy, and Jonathan was gone and stuff. Is he going to be gone this year as well?

  3. Haley,

    Wow you wasted no time in getting those thank you cards out, didn't you? You're so welcome and I hope we'll see you guys soon!

    Stuart is quite the husband isn't he? You're a lucky girl - almost as lucky as I am. I said almost. :)

    Love you!

  4. Karen! If I don't sit down and do it right away, I'm always afraid I might forget to send thank you notes. After our wedding, they got woefully out of hand!

    As for being a lucky girl, I know I am! But...I am also glad you think Seth is better. I would be worried if you didn't! Haha!

    Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  5. So tell me, Haley--how was your "New Balance" on Sharp Top this time? Anything similar to your "Old Balance"? Ha ha ha!! :) Love you.

  6. Crystal!

    ooooohhh! You are so bad for bringing that up! But! Haha! That was so my expense, yes...but funny! But I managed to not fall flat on my face this trip up!


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