Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Happy May!

Wow, so this is my first May post! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Everything has been pretty busy around here. But! Today I bring you stories and many pictures of our recent adventures!

So! The question you are all dying to know.

What have Stuart and Haley been up to lately? Hmmmm?

Everything you can imagine my friends.

Mother's Day, birthdays, graduations, house hunting, car repairs, bridesmaid dress fittings, frustrating (might I add fruitless as well?) job hunts, etc.

But! We'll hit the highlights!

Saturday, May 9th, I officially graduated from Liberty University with my BA in the field of English. Granted, I've been graduated since December '08, and have even received my official diploma of awesomeness in the mail. But this was the real deal! The atrocious cap, the gown, the heinous meshing of over 20,000 people onto one football field...

You get the big, crowded picture.

But one thing I didn't expect! I was on TV! Yes, Channel 13 actually interviewed moi out of 6,300 graduates! I mean, I knew I'd be famous after I graduated, but I didn't realize it would all start literally minutes after the ceremony! Ha!

No, in all seriousness I looked ridiculous! I was hot, sweaty, and really flustered by the camera being pushed in my face. I got out some really profound words...

"It was wonderful. I really enjoyed it."

Wow, Haley. Your 15 minutes of fame and you kind of blew it...hmmm.....

Still! If you want to watch it, here's the link:

Just hit the "Click here to watch" button and I think it will show a few commercials first, but then you should be in business! If it doesn't work, sorry! I don't know how long they keep those news stories posted!

And I really just want to take half a second and give Stuart a blog hug. He was my biggest fan on my big day. He drove me to LU (we had to get up at 5am for the drive), got sunburned from sitting in the heat for so long, took pictures, and just kept telling me the whole day how proud he was of me. He also has a special "graduation day present" plan that he has been keeping top secret. When I find out what it is, you all will certainly read about it!

Not that I'm not going to snoop about a bit (wow, say that 5 times fast) to see what this is all about.

Because I am.

Stuart, consider yourself warned.

Here are pictures!

Here's me and my main man/fan/hero/friend/lover/soul mate/insane activities partner/ and co-founder of the newest Graydon family branch. It was 7:30 am on Liberty Mountain!

Me pre-graduation hat hair.

Our commencement speaker, Ben Stein. The Ferris Bueller/Visine Commercial/Expelled Documentary /Win Ben Stein's Money Show - Guy.

Me-lissa and Haley! She's getting married May 30th! Waaaaahhhhh! And I'm a bridesmaid! Double waaaaahhhhhhh!

That night we all celebrated with dinner at Miyako's, a local Japanese restuarant. We were not about to try and eat in Lynchburg...I mean I'm a big fan of 3 hour waits and everything, it's just that my family isn't...I know.Weird.

The other big event around here was Mother's Day, which was the very next day after my graduation! I gave my mom roses and a card, and she went to a Mother's Day parade Hargrave Military Academy was throwing for all the cool moms (my younger brother goes to school there, therefore she is a cool mom).

But! The big Mother's Day event this year was at the Graydon's. They decided to do it up big this year, and throw Mom Graydon an outdoor tea party. And since yours truly is a daughter-in-law (the first one in the Graydon family, might I add) my help was recruited.

My task? Flowers and kitchen helper.

I actually prefer the titles "Floral Design Specialist" and "Culinary Advisory Assistant." I'm thinking about putting these on my resume as I'm job hunting.....Hey, I would hire me.

But I digress.

The event was lovely and the weather was cool, but nice.

There was a diverse menu (including but not limited to):

Petits Fours (heart-shaped)
Chicken Salad Croissants
Raspberry Tarts
Pumpkin scones
Pasta Salad
Fruit Salad
Strawberry Shortcakes
Spinach & Cheese Tarts

Various Types of Teas

And a background music selection of Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin.

Mom Graydon was of course, delighted by it all. The children took turns sharing "mom" memories that were special to them, and presented her with a scrapbook. She said it was the best Mother's Day to date!

Some pictures of the memorable evening...

The l-o-n-g table. My flower arrangement is in the middle (the photo at the top is the closeup shot of the arrangement). I scattered flower petals up and down to fill in the "white space" and I *think* Karen set up the candles and mirrors. But...I could be wrong about that.

The special Mother's Day bouquet I made for Mom Graydon. I wanted her to have something marking her place as the guest of honor. The bouquet consists of tulips and one enormous peony (compliments of my own mama's garden. She grows beautiful flowers!).

The food...

More food...

Another highlight of the evening was Stuart and me finally getting to meet Elyana! She slept most of the evening, but she was precious even sleeping!

So, there's our weekend! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and please leave a comment!

Coming soon to a blog near you:

Harrison's Hargrave Commencement
Haley Finds Out What her Graduation Present Is or Stuart Gives Haley her Graduation Present (whichever comes first!)

Hoping Life is Good,


  1. Oh Haley, the pictures are lovely!!! I'm so glad you posted them... Especially that last darling one of Elyana. :) Not that I'm biased or anything.

    We are all so proud of your graduating, and I know it's opened up a whole new chapter of yours and Stuart's lives. So exciting.

    Tell us all how the house hunting is going too!

    I feel like I didn't get to see NEAR enough of you that day....

  2. Hi sis,

    I'm proud of you for graduating, you have done what no other Williams has been able to do thus far. Maybe one day!! sigh! You seem to have real talent for floral design. I should have asked you how to decorate my table for the Tea and Testimony I did. Then, I would have had great food and a great looking table!!


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