Monday, March 30, 2009

10 French Things

A small list of things we will really miss once we find ourselves in the States again...

(in no particular order)

1. The excellent bread. Seriously, I think I've become a bit of a bread snob since I've been here. When I get home, I'll probably throw all of our bread away once its a day old....

2. The slow lifestyle. Nobody is in a hurry! Whenever you are invited to lunch, it means spending most of the afternoon in fellowship with others. Such a pleasant difference from the American rush, rush, rush. Take your is sweet....

3. The incredible doors and windows! Everyone has a different door here. All ornate and colorful! And there are a variety of shutter colors. Purple, green, blue, yellow, even pastel pink!

4. The "oldness." The buildings have such character and we love the cobblestone streets and stone structures that date back to the 13th century or so.

5. The patisserie shops and their creative confections. (Hopefully I can do a more thorough post on them soon!)

6. This charming road Stuart and I take almost daily walks on. There are horses on the walk, pretty flowers, a small stream, and ivy covered trees. I will always treasure our memories of walking it!

7. The Gothic architecture we've snapped so many photos of! I've waited a long time to see some of it and I will miss its stately presence!

8. Being so close to so many wonderful historic sights/countries!

9. Herbs De Provence - A blending of herbs such as thyme, basil, fennel, savory, lavender, etc., that supposedly captures the essence of the South of France. Stuart and I have enjoyed it immensely and pretty much put it in everything we cook (meats, potatoes, sandwiches, etc). Hopefully we can find it in the USA!

*To find more on Herbs De Provence click here.

10. The wonderful people who have welcomed and befriended us here! Our neighbors and church friends have been so good to us. They've driven us to the train station, taken us sight seeing, cooked for us, and explained the "French Way" to us! I couldn't have asked for a better welcome! I truly hope the Lord blesses them for their sacrifices and love!

So, I guess these would be my top ten. Although, I'm sure after I get home, there will be things I'll miss and just don't realize it yet!

Missing France Already,


  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed your stay there. I will miss Germany terribly when I leave. If I had the option to stay longer I would take it. Many of your top 10 would be on my top 10. I love the fresh bread, and produce. I love the different doors and windows, I love the emaculate yards, I love the slow-paced life, and I love my church though it is in the middle of the base!! Love you Stuart and Haley!! Wish you weren't leaving

  2. Oh Haley, I know there will be a lot to miss. It is going to be bittersweet going home for you guys... Missing all the wonderful things you guys could do and see there, but being happy to be close to family and friends again, finding a job, etc.

    I understand the bread snob thing. When I left Seattle after visiting only two weeks, but going to coffee shops once or twice EVERY day (not kidding), I despised even Starbucks here. Oh well. Had to get use to it again.

    The doors and stone walls are gorgeous. I'd miss the oldness of everything too.

    As far as the patisseries??? YUM. Wow. Please do them justice with another post, with lots of descriptions and photos!

    I have bought Herbs de Provence, but having never tried it where it originated, I cannot tell you how close or far it is from the real thing. I have a feeling you may be disappointed in what you find here, so I'd recommend your buying yourself a bag of it there. Jonathan and I went to Grenada in '05 and discovered fresh nutmeg... I will never, ever, ever buy pre-ground nutmeg again after that. We always grate our own and put it in bunches of things now. So I know the feeling of discovering something like that and wanting to take it with you!

    Oh, I have a book recommendation for your 100 reads... Peter Ibbetson by George De Maurier. It's a classic, and yet a little unknown. I truly enjoyed it (although knowing French would have helped, as there are a lot of french quotes in it).


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