Friday, February 27, 2009

Travel Radar: Gordes

Hello Everybody!

This is Haley writing our very last post of February!

While all of you (with the exception of the Young family) are asleep on the other side of the ocean, I'm taking a little bit of time to write up last weekend's excursion to the city of Gordes (a.k.a. Minas Tirith look-a-like for all you Lord of the Rings fans)!

This city was very majestic looking and built up on a hill, so it made for great scenery! Stuart and I had so much fun going up and down random staircases, down small alleys, climbing up on rock walls, etc.

The best part? No annoying railings! If you fall 200 feet and break your skinny neck, that's your problem!

Since this isn't peak tourist season some of the shops were closed, but most of them had their wares out on the cobblestone streets, and we purchased two watercolor prints to remember our trip by! We have really enjoyed not having to battle the crowds while we're here. I think it has really allowed us to explore more, and made it seem less touristy and "herd of cattle" like.

And as always, we are so grateful that we have been given this special trip together. It's always amazing to make a comment about the scenery, something you're feeling, or something you want to do, and the other one always looks up with a knowing smile on their face and says,

"I was just thinking the same thing. . ."

I literally cannot count how many precious times that has happened between Stuart and me! At the very beginning of our relationship when we were courting, it would surprise and delight us! Now it still delights us, but each of us has come to know the other's knowing smile and nod. There is nothing like being in harmony with the one you love!

And now the part I know all of you have been waiting for. Pictures! Hurray for modern technology!

Stuart and I thought this looked similar to the White tree in the courtyard of Gondor...

We spent a few minutes in this sweet little spot talking and taking in the scenery. We're literally on the very edge of the hill, with nothing at all below us. So exciting to get that close!

Stuart, the lonely wanderer...

Haley, the lonely ponderer. . .

Well, that's all for now as we wrap up the month of February!

We're both looking forward to March and the exciting adventures knocking on our door! Mainly, 5 days in Paris by way of train, and a trip to Germany to see the Young family and the sights of Deutschland. We are so excited!

Wishing all of you a great adventure too,

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