Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Update #2

Hello People!

All is well here in France.

Yesterday Stuart and I went to church as usual in Carpentras (I'll try and get some pictures of that up soon) and then had tea and pound cake with our next door neighbors Philippe and Monique! They are such a hospitable couple, and although they don't speak much English and you all know we don't speak much French, we got along great and talked about 2 and 1/2 hours. They have truly been a blessing to us since we've been here!

Saturday found us in the beautiful city of Avignon, Travel Radar and pictures to come!

Other than that, I really wanted to update my LU friends on what's been going on in my life (although I'm sad that some of you guys haven't got blogs yet, and therefore cannot comment. *Sniffle*)

Everything is pretty much the same except that Stuart and I have a brand new niece!

Miss Elyana Ruth Wilson

We are so happy for Denise and Jonathan and also happy that the baby totals for the Williams/Graydon families are going up and up and up!

We now have:

Hannah Faith
Rebekah Hope
Zoe Jean
Zara Lynn
Katrina Joy
Shiona Marie
Elyana Ruth

and......(drum roll, please)

our first nephew due in June (compliments of Seth and Karen)!

I wonder who will have the next baby? Hmmm......

We love being here, but miss seeing all of our sweet little bright spots too.

(Denise, I know you're my most avid reader! And since you know all of this....sorry!)

There's your update!

More soon,


  1. How special! I forgot to mention in my email concerning kiddos in our future, we are hoping to wait at least three years- but who knows what the Lord has in store! I am thinking of you a lot because Valentines Day is approaching and we always had funny stories to tell eachother after returning from home where had good and not-so-good dates :) haha... and that one v-day that you gave me the chocolate man HA... and I still read the little books you gave me :) I love ya!

  2. LOL... Yes, I check almost every single day for your new posts. I am enjoying them SO very much! It gives me a peek into your life there. I know there would be no way to catch up on all that happens there when you get back home! :) Thank you again and again for starting the blog! And keep the pictures coming too.

    Pound cake and tea... That sounds lovely. In fact, I just went and started a pot of tea for myself. I'm very suggestable like that.

    Does the church you go to have English services? I'm glad your neighbors are so kind!

    I *think* readers who don't have a blog can comment by clicking on Comment as "open ID". I have non-bloggie buddies that can comment on mine.

  3. Good to know, good to know! Well then, they really don't have an excuse for not commenting do they? I shall have a word or sixty with them. And no, the church we go to doesn't have an English service. Our dear friends, Siv and Vincent (Vincent is an elder at the church) have been so hospitable to us! Siv is fluent in English and translates for us. It works out very well, because we were very worried about not having fellowship with other believers for so long. Everyone is so kind there and people have invited us over and everything. The language really isn't as much as a barrier as I had anticipated. We love it!


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